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$25 a month can change someone’s life!

Their purpose is our mission

There are amazing people making a great effort to change the world for the better around the world, but without the right funding their efforts are limited.

Your gifts make the change possible.

You Need To Know

When you donate through Mission Supporters, there are some things you can be sure of.

  • No directors are getting compensated.
  • We use our personal funds for travel expenses.
  • Our staff is volunteer.
  • We vet all grants to make sure the money is spent prudently, and to help the most people.
  • You’re money is going towards a real need.
  • We are your fiduciary in regards to giving.

What are our priorities?

People we’ve helped

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Be an active supporter of those people who have their feet on the ground doing the difficult hands-on work that it takes to make a difference in peoples lives and help those in extreme poverty.